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Tairāwhiti Gisborne's choice for quality Arboricultural Utility Services.
Tree Removal - Tree Surgery - Stump Grinding - Chipping


Advanced Tree Solutions is Tairāwhiti Gisborne's number one choice for all Arboricultural needs. We provide expert arbor services for our residential and corporate customers alike at a great value. Whether you're looking to have your trees pruned, trimmed or completely removed our highly skilled staff are ready to help you. Based in Tairāwhiti Gisborne, and with our friendly and hardworking team, we cover Gisborne City and District, along with the East Coast and Tūranganui-a-kiwa. Complete this form if you would like a no obligation FREE quote.  

" I can not say enough about the Advanced Tree Solutions team of Qualified Arborists.  They were friendly, reliable and left me with a mountain of firewood and mulch for the garden.  Leaving the site spotless.  I would recommend them 100%."
- Summer Bingham, Ormond

Why Choose Us


Honest and Dependable

Call us, and we will come, prepared and ready to complete the job.


Insured, Qualified and Equipped

Safety is paramount when working with heavy and dangerous trees, and we are the professionals you should call.


We Are Passionate

We love our work, and we strive to leave every job site proud, and that is why we come so highly recommended.

We love to talk Trees

The fastest way to reach us is to pick up the phone. We are the friendly tree-hugging type, so there is nothing to fear. Leave a message or a text if we are not available, and we will call you back.

Need to know the Price

All sites and jobs pose different equipment and time requirements so if you would like an no obligation quote, please complete the request form.

Top Services

We pride ourselves in offering the best service with the perfect balance of expertise and customer satisfaction.





Think of an arborist as a surgeon of trees! An arborist will have the correct knowledge and expertise required to maintain and care for trees and other woody plants. Whether it is to prune, treat decay, remove or even replant, an arborist will know how to do it right so that there is no damage to the tree at any time.

As a qualified arborist, Advanced Tree Solutions have the means and knowledge to deliver the best possible services for your trees. Whether it is for home or commercial properties, hiring the services of Advanced Tree Solutions will ensure that your green spaces are in good hands.

We have the proper professional training, qualifications, insurance and equipment to care for trees. Skills are gained through arboriculture programs and team training, and can include tree pruning, residential tree care, transplanting, disease and pest control, care at sensitive locations such as trees close to electrical wires or buildings, fertilizing, removal, stump grinding, mulching, chipping, inspections, surveys, and getting necessary clearances from Gisborne District Council.

We work with trees all year round; however, for the best time to maintain your trees is anytime between late fall and early spring is best for tree trimming or pruning. Talk to us about pruning before spring blooms emerge. Typically a tree's pruning cycle is 3 to 5 years, but type, size and health play a role will work best for your tree.

Key differences from your options:
* Qualified and Insured, extremely professional and customer orientated
* Wide range of Utility equipment, we have the right tools to complete the work safely
* Customer-friendliness, we pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations
* Free no obligation quotes for commercial and residential services

If you are not certified to work nearby power lines or you employ someone to carry this work out for you that is not certified. You will face a hefty fine and a court hearing. Advanced Tree Solutions ARE QUALIFIED to carry out work near a power line. if you have any queries or concerns you can call us on 027 39 59 153. Please DO NOT attempt to clear trees from power lines yourself.

We work with all kind of trees.  Call and ask about your particular need for an arborist, we will be happy to discuss your job.


We love trees. Really love them. Like "when I grow up I just want to play in trees all day" love them. But not just any old trees, we want to help the conversation Aotearoa's unique native trees. Click on the link below to discover how you can help too.



East Coast, New Zealand


Phone: 027 395 9153