We provide a comprehensive coverage for all of Gisbornes Tree Arbor and Surgeon needs


As a team of qualified arborist, we focus on the health and safety of individual trees and hedges.  Experience working safely and effectively in and around trees is essential.

We specialize in tree maintenance, tree removal, climbing and pruning, power lines and lightning protection, planning and reporting, complete tree removal, climbing and pruning, power lines and lightning protection, storm damage, diseases and nutritional deficiencies in trees and consultation and report writing.  

We are utility arborists, this means we have a qualified utility arboricultral specialist, that allows us to work near power lines. We ascend the trees using rope this is the less invasive way and means we can reach any tree.

Tree removal, stump grinding, branch chipping.

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We are Utility Arboriculture Specialists, qualifed to operate in potientially unsafe environments. 

We work with our corporate partners to ensure the maintance and safety of their trees.

We Have Formal Qualifications

All our lead arborists all have formal qualifications reconized by the NZ Arboricultural Association

We Are Insured

We have public liability insure to cover any accidents or injuries that may occur.  Although we always strive to put safety first.

We  Operate Safely

We work within the Gisborne Districts Council rules and regulations and can advise.

Highly recommend, even cut the trees into firewood for us. Awesome work.

- Aquila K, Gisborne

Complete Tree Removal

Tree Removal - Stump Grinding - Branch Chipping

Timber. We cut down trees!
Call us if you would like to completely remove a tree leaving you will a completely bare site, ready to plant or build on.  We can stump grind trees that all already begun there reomval process.

“If You Think It's Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur.”

Tree and Hedge Maintenance

Tree Prunning - Hedge Triming - Crown Lift - Crown Reductions

Hitting your head when you mow the lawn?! Time to maintain those trees.  We can prune, lob, trim and all the other tree terms you may know.  As qualified arborists we not only focus on functionalty and beauty we also consider the long term health of the tree.

Brilliant job today and so tidy with firewood stacked after job. Thank you!
Heather W - Gisborne

Emergency and Power Lines

Storm Damage - Power Line Clearance - Unsafe Trees

Trees are magnicient, we love them but they are very heavy and big! News to nobody, we are sure.  
However, if they be come unsafe, damaged in a storm, about to hit a power line they can become very dangerous.  The best course of action is always taking preventive measures.  We can inspect trees that cause concern.  However, during a storm you may discover the worse news during a storm.  Call us immediately if you have an emergency, depending on the serverity of the storm we may have a wait list, which will be priorised to servity of the exposed danger.

If a damaged tree has taken a powerline down please call  Eastland Network on 0800 206 207.  Never approach a fallen Power line.  For your own safety stay at least 10ms away.

Stay safe during storms, practice caution and know your trees health especially trees near your home and power lines.  Treat all power lines and never climb into a tree near or touching a powerline.

Commercial Contracts

We offered a trusted and reliable contract partnership across Gisborne

 Advanced Tree Solutions have the competence, experience and resources to handle important commercial sized jobs.
We undertake tree maintenance as per our contracts as well as carrying out work on a project basis. We have an impeccable safety record and a full range of equipment to suit all work, large or small, moreover, as approved power line clearance contractors. We can ensure the trees and shelterbelts you entrust to us will be kept well away from overhead lines.

Gisbornes Recommended Arborist 

Still not sure what you want, then please pick up the phone and ask.  You can reach Jono our lead arborist on 027 395 9153.  As you will mostly find him being noisy up a tree so please leave him a message or a text and we will call you back when it is safe to do so.

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